RapidBot - #1 Instagram Bot With Ai

RapidBot is precisely that instagram bot which use artificial intelligence . It will help put your Instagram account commenting actions for you around the clock and doing the liking, bringing followers when you’re sleep. Used badly , you might seem as a spammer and lose hard earned followers.

Auto Activity

This will help you with the liking, commenting, following, unfollow, followback, repost media, delete your media activities 24/7 .


you can find many targets under hashtags, locations, usernames, feed timeline,… with multiple selections !

Advanced Filters

These filters have been released into RapidBot plus they allow a level of targeting the users. These configurations will be different based upon what you need, there are to utilizing these configurations, not any rules and there that could go wrong with them. If narrowing back on your target market which will signify that RapidBot runs to interact using a stops doing action the issue you may encounter. You’ll have to log back into RapidBot to correct settings every time this occurs that may be a small pain. You’re passing up the chance of growing your accounts if you do not observe that RapidBot action has stopped.


The “Do not remark same users” attribute is highly suggested! If the remarks are posted in their own images users will notice. The only case where users that are same could be commented by you would be it’s improbable that the remark will visit the user and in case you’ve put RapidBot to use different remarks. When picking comments to utilize you have to keep them reasonably generic (you won’t understand precisely what’s in the picture which you’re commenting on) although maybe not so generic that it’s obviously an automatic comment. Emojis and hashtags can assist your remarks seem different from different users and to stand out, whilst remaining enough to apply to pictures. Listed below are a couple that we’ve found to be helpful.


Selecting tags to do on activity demands a reasonable amount of consideration and research. Generally, you need to be performing action of tags which are not too hot, although very popular that spammers that post content target them. Deciding on the best tags will signify that you’re currently interacting will actively search to follow. Look at reports that are very good, locate what hashtags they’re currently using and hunt them. Take a look at the feed for this hashtag and be cautious of any that contain inappropriate content (I will assume commenting “rad” on non eyebrow content is not likely to attract your lovers). There will be A number to target for tags with 200,000 postings since they’re frequently used but not as likely to be targeted with spam.


Setting locations in RapidBot is a powerful new feature. It allows you to reach target markets in a given location, which for some businesses will be of considerable value. If you know where your potential followers or customers are you should experiment with this feature. Keep in mind, not everyone tags their images with a location, so depending on the area you target you may run out of users to interact with. Use with caution.


This is where you input perform along with the usernames you would like to follow action on. Locate users you’re currently hoping to gain. It is possible to input multiple usernames to enlarge your reach here.


Insert system and messages can help Information is sent by you into your followers

Auto Post

This feature enable you to autopilot post on your own Instagram accounts.

  • Article kinds: Photo, Story Photo and Video.
  • Preview article: Instagram article preview before posting in real
  • Schedule articles: Handle your article schedule effortlessly
  • Save article: Conserve your articles
  • Emojis: Supported Lots of good emojis
  • Category: Insert accounts into groups
  • Spintax: encouraged spintax to arbitrary your connent article on your own account on Instagram

Auto Send Direct Message

This feature enable you to auto send your followers and following onto your own Instagram accounts message.

  • Schedule articles: Handle your article schedule effortlessly
  • Emojis: Supported Lots of good emojis
  • Spintax: encouraged spintax to arbitrary your connent message into your next and followers onto your own Instagram account

Instagram Search

It is possible to search with keyword by hashtag or username.

Instagram Download

Input Media URL or Media ID on instagram to could download photograph or any movie easy