Important questions and notes before purchase

This section intends to answer the most common questions asked by anyone engaged in the realm of Internet marketing. If you have any questions not listed in this section, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What does this robot do?

If you have an Instagram account and want to advertise on your page, or you want to build and sell highly-visited pages, then you’ll need to capture a large number of real followers.
For example, you can go to popular pages and post comments like: “Please visit my page too, and follow if you like.” Or, for example, go to a person’s page whose topic is the same as yours and then follow every single follower on that page to introduce your own. So they would come over to visit your page and then follow on if they wish. But it’s going to be time-consuming when done manually. You cannot sit down and spend your whole day on the phone and Instagram, and most importantly, you would not realize who has and has not followed you back later.
These tasks are all handled by Rapidbot 24/7 plus many other tasks such as providing advanced reports of recent tasks completed.
Basically, Rapidbot is set by you to automatically follow the followers of a specific page for your own account. Alternatively, you submit a hashtag in Rapidbot and ask it to follow everyone inserting that hashtag in their comments. Or you can ask Rapidbot to follow and like the person’s last post.
This way you can handle the routine tasks on your page. For example, you can keep on posting just as the robot completes its job automatically following other users. It will give each account two days to follow you. If it fails to follow you back, then Rapidbot will automatically unfollow that user for you. Or, if it does follow you, and then unfollows after a few days, Rapidbot will find out and unfollow that user.
In this way, you’ll definitely build on your follow section.
What’s more, you can click an option in Rapidbot to initiate unfollowing what you have been following.
In fact, it starts from the old accounts and unfollows them one by one.

Who can find it useful?

This application is desirable for numerous groups, but we mention a few here.
The first group involves people who want to sell a product or run a home business.
You can insert into Rapidbot the name of a page offering similar products as the target page. Then, you ask Rapidbot to follow the followers of that highly-visited page. Let’s say you sew kitchen stuff and you’ve just started the business. You need more visibility, so you go to an older page where fabric kitchen stuff is offered. Then, you simply select the followers on that page.
So, people interested in viewing and buying such products will get to know your page. If you offer less expensive prices at the same quality, then you’d kick off some competition.
The second group involves moms who share the everyday experiences of their child on a public page. They would love to see traffic on their pages, get messages from toy stores, shoe stores, etc. asking if they can send a gift to their kids.
Well, the mommy goes to a popular kids page, selects its followers and simply asks Rapidbot to follow them all. When someone follows a kid’s daily experience page, they are more likely to pay a visit to your page if you have captured nice pictures too.
Like always, the mom posts Rapidbot ordinary things while Rapidbot introduces the new kid’s page to other users.
The third group involves people who would like to run a page, where ladies and newly-weds are asked to send photos of their dowry stuff.
They put up the pictures of different people and then accept ads from dowry photos. For example, they go to an old page for that purpose and ask Rapidbot to capture its followers.
In the fourth group, a person is running a popular daily experience page but wants to place ads without followers complaining about the clutter and problems like that.
Now that person can create a new page with Rapidbot and introduce it on the older page, notifying how fans can find everything there and also get ads! It would be much easier to accept ads.
The fifth group involves people who want to post different stuff such as pictures of celebrities or funny photos. They also accept ads and sell a page when its followers grow to 10K or 50K.

How is it different from Instagram pages where followers are sold?

Pages where followers are sold actually add let’s say 1K followers to your page and charge a certain amount, that’s all! Who are the 1K anyway? Are they real? Like your posts? The answers to these are often NO! An example of such rampant accounts may have 20k followers but there are only 500 likes! Well, you’d definitely decide that the 20k followers are fake.

How many followers will Rapidbot add to a page per month?

The first trick to avoid getting blocked on Instagram, as pointed out earlier, is to set the following rate. You’d get blocked within 5 minutes if you set it on 180 followers. So you need to select the right rate and then select the appropriate target page whose followers will be captured by Rapidbot for you. If you meet the two requirements and post attractive stuff to hook up your fans, then you’ll grow your community to about 5K followers. In case your page old enough to choose a faster rate, then there will be 10/k to 15K followers within one month.

Will Instagram later block the users of this robot for some reason?

When are users blocked by Instagram? For instance, you may have followed a lot of accounts per hour, or leave a lot of comments, or unfollow a lot of people. In these scenarios, Instagram will block you for a few hours to a few days it assumes you’re a spam.
Our Robot, Rapidbot will help you manually set rates for follow, unfollow, like and comment. Let’s say your page has over 3000 followers and your account is older. Now, you can set a higher follow rate on Instagram. But you have to follow fewer people if you have created an account and it is too new for a kickstart.

What operating systems support Rapidbot?

You just need to open internet browser. (on Phone, PC, Tablet, Mac, Laptop …)

Does it operate 24/7?

Rapidbot will keep running as long as you want. you can turn off your system or completely close the browser and rest in your bed.

What are the terms and conditions for purchasing this product?

Rapidbot is licensed on a monthly basis. With different plans and features, the Rapidbot has served a broad range of tastes and preferences.

Will Rapidbot shut down someday?

Server problems and Instagram API updates may sometimes interrupt robots such as Rapidbot. However, our 24/7 support team will catch up with updates quickly, so you can keep on doing your business as soon as possible.
Besides, Rapidbot may permanently shut down! In what circumstances? Well, if the Instagram website and the main software completely cease to exist on the Internet! Although that’s highly unlikely, you should take every precaution and consider that our team shall not be held liable for that rare event. ?In this situation, our team will not be responsible.

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